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Top 10 interview mistakes

top 10 interview mistakes

A recent survey conducted by Barclays Lifeskills has shown the top ten interview mistakes that applicants make when they get to a job interview – so hopefully you can avoid making them too!

Over half of the employers who were questioned said that failing to do enough research into the company and the job was letting candidates down, whereas nearly a third of the employers pointed to “showing off” as a common problem!

Of course, you want to show yourself in the best light, but by contrast a third of employers also said that they were put off by candidates who didn’t seem interested or engaged with the interviewer or the process – perhaps they didn’t really want the job anyway?

Other problems included not asking enough questions (any?), not listening to others – especially in group interview situations, and even lying about their achievements or making up answers. Meanwhile, in a typically British fashion, only 6% of employers saw being too modest as a problem.

The research found that a quarter of unemployed young people felt that they performed badly in interviews, with 64% saying they could do with some job interview training!

It seems that employers want to see that you have the relevant skills, knowledge, and ideally some experience too. However, make sure you research the role and the company before you go to interview, dress well, stay alert and engaged, and whatever you do – don’t be tempted to lie!

You can see the top ten most common interview mistakes, below:

  1. Failing to do your research
  2. Showing off
  3. Asking no questions
  4. Not acting interested or engaged with the interviewer
  5. Making up answers
  6. Lying about achievements
  7. Not dressing appropriately
  8. Rambling on
  9. Failing to explain what you will bring to the role
  10.  Moaning about your current employer

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