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Teacher Apprenticeship – A New Route

teacher apprenticeship

There is now a new way into teaching – the post-graduate teacher apprenticeship. This is a level 6 apprenticeship which lasts for 12 months and which provides you with qualified teacher status.

It is expected that the new teacher apprenticeships will start to be delivered as early as September 2018. To become an apprentice teacher, you will need to have:

  • A minimum grade 4 GCSE in English and mathematics, and if you want to teach pupils aged 3-19 you will need a Grade 4 GCSE in a science subject too
  • A bachelor’s degree
  • To have passed the national professional numeracy and literacy skills tests.

Apprentice teacher salary

    The government have announced that apprentice teachers will be paid the same as other unqualified teachers. This means that as an apprentice teacher you would be paid a minimum of £16,626 a year. After completing your degree, you could apply to become an apprentice teacher where you would work towards qualified teacher status by completing your initial teacher training.


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