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What Employability Skills Do I Need?

To maximise your chances of getting a job you need to make sure that you know what employability skills you need. If you understand where there are skills gaps then you can plan your education and training to make sure that you have the work skills that employers want. What is a skills gap? A skills gap exists when employers ... Read More »

Career advice from Theo Paphitis – Importance of Employability Skills.

Theo Paphitis - Employability Skills

Get some career advice from Theo Paphitis who talks about the importance of employability skills. When should young people start learning about work and employability skills? As young as possible!  At school is a great place to start discussing the workplace and the types of jobs young people might like to do and the employability skills they’ll need to do ... Read More »

What Are Good Communication Skills?

A lot of employers say that many potential employees are not ‘ready for work.’ But what does this mean? – could it be that the bigger problem is with communication? With teenagers being more reliant on things such as text messaging and social media to communicate than ever before, there are some that say the art of interpersonal communication is ... Read More »

What are good customer service skills?

Everyone has a pretty good idea what bad customer service is like – whether it is being ignored as you wait to buy a drink while the staff carry on chatting, a problem not being fixed efficiently, or even an employee being plain rude to you. However, not so many of us give a thought to what makes good customer ... Read More »

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