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Retail careers, jobs and qualifications

The UK retail sector is huge with 286,000 retail stores UK-wide.

Job roles within the retail sector are hugely varied and range from part time employees with no qualification to full time graduate and post-graduate roles working across such areas as: buying, distribution and logistics, merchandising, marketing and PR, sales and store operatives, IT, HR, finance and accounting to name just a few.

How do I find part time shop jobs?

Shop jobs

Need some extra pocket money but don’t know where to start? Part time shop jobs in the retail industry are probably the best answer…  Part time shop jobs – overview We all know that it can be tough balancing working part time jobs with getting to your classes, doing your homework, enjoying extracurricular activities or just hanging out with friends. ... Read More »

Retail jobs and careers


Stock up on useful tips in our one-stop shop for all the retail jobs details you’ll ever need! There are 2.7 million workers in retail jobs in the UK. Wholesale and retail were responsible for generating 16% of the UK’s economic output in 2012 and retail jobs continue to increase in this popular and swiftly growing – last year, happy ... Read More »

What are the best jobs in retail?

The UK’s retail industry just keeps on growing and growing so it’s little wonder that retail jobs are such a popular choice with talented young people. Find out more about jobs in retail here with Moving On. Shoppers spend millions and millions of pounds in this country and the retail industry, with all those shops outlets and stores is vitally ... Read More »

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