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Pole Position In Motorsport


Motorsport is usually the goal for anyone who loves fast cars or motorbikes — Jess Shanahan tells us more.

The motorsport industry employs lots of people in many different job roles. Here are just a few to whet your appetite…

Driving Careers

These days, racing drivers need to be able to do more than just drive fast. Unfortunately, there are very few racing jobs out there that pay, unless you can get to the level of Lewis Hamilton. For most people, being a racing driver, means spending a lot of your own money, or working with sponsors.

Working with a sponsor means you promote their business through your racing. Racers need to be public speakers, brand ambassadors and very business-minded. It’s a very similar set up to how Youtubers and bloggers work with brands, so if you do want to race, start building your social followings now.

Engineering Careers

A motorsport engineer is someone who works on a race car, or helps to develop and test specific parts. If you’re mechanically minded, an engineering role is for you and there are plenty to choose from too. Firstly, you’ll need a relevant degree in motorsport engineering, motorsport technology, or similar.

It’s never too early to get work experience and there are plenty of race teams out there who would welcome an enthusiastic helper. With the right experience and qualifications, you could go on to develop race cars, work as a Formula One trackside engineer, or become pit crew for an international race team.


All teams and drivers need someone to promote what they’re doing to the world. Public relations professionals and social media managers both fall into this category. While no qualifications are necessary, a degree in digital marketing or PR is the best way to get the relevant experience. The best place to start it by building your own social channels, connecting with teams and drivers, and developing your writing skills.


Journalists and photographers are responsible for reporting on motorsport and bringing it to the fans. Again, here a degree is useful but not always necessary as employers often look for artistic skill and experience. No matter how old you are, start writing and taking photographs now as it’ll help you to hone that skill.

Above all, try and get to races. Motorsport is more than the big international Grands Prix. You’ve probably got a local track that hosts club (amateur) race weekends and these are the best place to start if you want to absorb the atmosphere and find your future career.

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