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New GCSE Grades – What Do They Mean?

GCSE Results

First of all – if you are collecting GCSE results tomorrow expect to see a grade from A* – G in all subjects EXCEPT for English and maths. For GCSE English and maths expect to see a grade from 9 to 1.  Clear? …good, now what do they mean?

Grade 9 GCSE

The highest grade that you can get. This means that you rock at this subject – the best of the best – like better than an A*. If you see this grade, then well done you!

Grade 8 GCSE

Grade 8 is equivalent to an A*. If you see this grade on your results, then you have aced it!

Grade 7 GCSE

You like the idea on an A grade? Thought you might – well grade 7 English or maths GCSE is basically an A grade.

Grade 6 GCSE

Before you could only get a B grade. Now you can get a grade 6, which means that you got a high B grade – close to an A.

Grade 5 GCSE

If you achieve a grade 5 you have done well – Grade 5 is basically a very high C grade – pushing into a low B.

Grade 4 GCSE

Ah – the all-important one. Grade 4 is a standard grade C equivalent and what many universities, colleges and sixth forms will be asking for.

Grade 3 GCSE

Is equivalent to a D grade. You may need to retake if you get a grade D (for access to Level 3 courses and university, but also for apprenticeships)

Grade 2 GCSE

The grade 2 award is the same as a grade E.

Grade 1 GCSE

This grade covers both grade F and grade G

Why do I need grade 4 or above?

Most employers as well as sixth forms, colleges and universities will ask for a Level 2 qualification in maths and English (plus others for specific courses of study).

For your GCSE to count as a Level 2 qualification you need to achieve grade 9 – 4.  Grades 3 – 1 count as a Level 1 qualification (This is why you may be asked to retake English and maths if you do not achieve a Level 4 or above).

Feel free to print me out to take along on results day

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