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National Citizen Service campaigners do their bit for the community

photo 1National Citizen Service team Perham are out pounding the streets of Coventry today to raise public awareness of prejudice.

The team are into week three of their National Citizen Service . Having spent a week working with adults with learning disabilities as part of the Jenner8 community project, the team are now out to spread the work, fight prejudice and support equality.

Jenner8 is a community organisation which works with adults with learning disabilities to improve their independence and confidence by getting them involved in activities like swimming, table tennis, and bowling.

Team Perham’s campaign is called ‘No Pride in Prejudice’ and they told Moving On that:

Our campaign is about raising public awareness of prejudice that exists. We want to get people thinking about prejudices that they might have, even if they’re not really aware of them and to have them make a pledge not to discriminate against anybody based on their age, race, mental or physical well-being or sexual preference.”

Our aim is to make people aware of prejudice that exists and how damaging it can be; we want peoples’ views to change and we have an ideal direction that we want it to go – which is towards equality.”

Follow Team Perham on Instagram @no_pride_in_prejudice or on Twitter @noprejudiceno

national citizen service

 Team Perham out on the streets to raise awareness

Here at Moving On we love to hear about young people getting involved in volunteering, whether it’s here in the UK or abroad during their gap year and you can read some of their stories on our gap year page.

National Citizen Service is a great way for young people to develop their skills, learning to be independent, take responsibility and also how to work together to achieve a goal. This is a great way for young people to develop skills that can go on their CV and also which will help them become work-ready.


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