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My daughter is a fashion model… Part 4

Whether she continues to tread the catwalk or choose a different path, Lois’s future is looking good in every sense.

She didn’t go to sixth form the next September either, I think looking back I kind of knew it wouldn’t happen; she had been living a different kind of life. But it also made me realise that the conventional way is not the only way to learn and move forward into a career.

Lois has continued modelling. She spent a month in Milan, a couple of months in Tokyo; I’ve lost count of how many times she has been to New York. We are so very proud of her. Modelling is not a long-term career for most, but the experience and the contacts can lead to other careers in the fashion industry. It certainly is an exciting world to work in.

The money isn’t rolling in yet either, but the experiences have been amazing and truly character building. The roller coaster ride is settling down a bit now. Lois is 18 and, had she taken A-levels, would probably be at university now, so would have left home in any case. Being 18 means my involvement is no longer required with the agency; as Lois is an adult, she can legally make her own decisions. She is certainly a lot more mature now.

As our children go through the transition to adulthood, the support they receive from their parents is invaluable. We can’t tell them what to do, but we can guide and support. You never know what is around the corner. Lois was on the academic pathway of GCSEs, A-levels and a degree, before being spotted on an escalator. That road is never closed to her either; you can study at any age in a variety of ways. Speaking of which, six months ago Lois decided she would like to try and get her maths A-level. With the travelling she couldn’t regularly attend college, so she decided on distance learning. Lois took two exams in January…

Our story is not over but my time writing for Moving On is. If there are any parents out there who have an interesting story to tell, we’d love to hear from you.

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