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My daughter is a fashion model… Part 3

The allure of the catwalk sees schooling take the back seat.

Lois really wanted to carry on with modeling  After many discussions about her future, we made an appointment to see the Head of Sixth Form. He was great; really understood our dilemma and appreciated this was a rare opportunity, as well as quite exciting. We decided that Lois should defer a year. I felt relieved that we had made a decision, at least in the short term. Her modelling agency was pleased, as this was what they had been pushing for, and it allowed them to plan for the next year.

Lois carried on working in London, staying at the models’ flat. She did shows, videos, editorial and lookbooks. I always tried to get copies of the magazines she was in. There was lots of great stuff on-line; I often found out more about my daughter by Googling her!

She came home often to see family and friends, but by Christmas she had had enough. Remember, modelling chose Lois; it was never a profession she had even considered. We had long discussions and said to her that she may as well continue until September, as it was too late to catch up in sixth form at this stage. After Christmas she went over to New York City.

She met clients and attended castings for New York Fashion Week. It was a huge thing to do, as she was still only 16! She seemed to be over there for ages. I would love to have been there with her. She did a few shows and then came back to do the same in London.

I think the agency had huge expectations of her, but she was just not mature enough. They kept hauling her in for meetings about her appearance and attitude; trying to get her to grow up overnight. Any parent would agree – it’s not quite that straightforward! I was involved with a lot of this and the stress was huge. Why had we agreed to this when she could have been at sixth form?

Lois did okay at London Fashion Week, despite being cancelled by a couple of really big names. I spent some time with her. It made me realise how hard these girls work and the stress they are under. They have to develop a very tough shell to cope. In the following months she had some great editorial published in some very well known magazines. Really beautiful high fashion stuff.

I am very proud of my daughter. It was hard to think she had only been doing this for a year. And what a rollercoaster! Some real highs, but with them some very lows. We went on a fabulous family holiday that summer. It was so great to all be together as a family.

But September was coming around again…

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