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Mock exams – revision and exam practice are important

mock exams

The first week in December may mean that it is time to put up the Christmas decorations or crack on with buying gifts for loved-ones, but for students up and down the country it also means mock exams.

Mock exams may seem like a distraction to many students but they play an important role in getting young people ready for the big summer exams. Mocks help bring the reality of the summer home – while there is still time to address any issues. Highlighting areas for improvement now should help prevent some unexpected, nasty surprises next year.

Mock exams aren’t just about seeing where you are right now, but can also offer an opportunity to brush up on revision skills. Being able to discover which techniques work best for you will allow a better level of revision come the summer when it really matters.

Studies have shown that mock exams help students to perform better in their finals as the pressure of sitting the mocks helps set information in your mind. So, rather than being an inconvenience, the mocks can actually end up improving your final results. Of course, if things go wrong and the mocks show that you need to put in more work, there is still time to turn things around – better to find out now than in your finals!

The other thing that mocks offer is the chance to get used to working under exam conditions. This means managing your time in the exam, making sure you read the questions properly without getting flustered, and thereby cutting out avoidable yet surprisingly common mistakes.

As with anything, a little practice helps prepare you for the real thing. So, far from being an inconvenience just before Christmas, mock exams are an integral part of your study – and getting you prepared for the big summer exams!

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