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Advertising, Marketing and PR careers, jobs and qualifications

Advertising, marketing and PR jobs are all about enhancing and promoting a business’s profile, so it stays ahead of its competitors.

Jobs in advertising, marketing and PR (public relations) are considered to be glamorous, but really, they are all about promoting and selling people, products or businesses. Marketing account managers, advertising executives and PR agents create and design advertising campaigns for products, people and organisations like charities. You could be in charge of raising a celebrity’s profile, managing relationships with clients or dealing with the press, TV and radio on behalf of a client or company.

Other jobs in the advertising and marketing sector include advertising copywriter – the person who writes all the witty stuff you see in adverts. If you’re creative, you could be an art director – the person who makes sure the style of the advert is in keeping with the image of the product and that the client or business complies artistically with the customers’ wishes.

To work in the advertising, marketing and PR industry, you’ll have to be an excellent communicator, have great business savvy and be able to handle personalities and people from different walks of life and areas of business. The work varies depending on which kind of advertising, marketing or PR agency you join – you could be doing market research to find out how consumers react to a particular product or devising a nationwide advertising campaign across all kinds of media, including digital and online as well as TV and radio.

The variety of roles in this sector is reflected in the range of different entry pathways. There are apprenticeships, internships and traineeships available in the advertising, marketing and PR sector and many universities offer degree courses in advertising, marketing and PR.


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