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Lucy Bartlett on photography work experience at a local newspaper

Lucy Bartlett is studying for a photography degree. She tells Moving On why work experience was so important for her when it came to learning about the industry.

I thoroughly enjoyed my work experience at my local newspaper the Leicester Mercury last year. I soon realised just how important a work experience is for student photographers. There are simply so many areas photography covers and being able to work for a newspaper and gain a wider understanding of press photography was a very beneficial way of setting future goals. I guess work experience can really make or break your future aspirations it’s about learning what’s right for you and what you don’t feel comfortable with.

I have always shared a real interest in how newspapers illustrated photography through stories. the visuals that get the message across in an article are usually so meaningful that’s why they are picked out from a dozen unpolished ones in the first place.

During my work experience at the Leicester Mercury I was lucky enough to shadow several photographers and examine their skills as well as developing my own in the art of photography. I had the chance to cover several topics from cricket right down to local people. What I took away with me from this experience was how valuable it is to gain a wider understanding of a job beyond the realms of a classroom.

Before you even get your dream job,  work experience gives you an insight into the industry

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The only thing I would point out is sometimes it’s harder to keep in touch with those you’ve worked with. After my work experience I found that aspect particularly challenging.

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