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Leisure Travel and Tourism Jobs

leisure travel and tourism

Sun, sea and big screens – Whether it’s a summer job or something more long-term, these three leisure, travel and tourism jobs let you use your love of film, travel or sport to earn some money.

For the film buff – cinema projectionist

We love this idea; it conjures up images of old film noir classics and dust in light beams. If you’re a film enthusiast, this might just be the perfect job for you.

To get into work as a projectionist you could study a film production course or gain a qualification in projection, but it isn’t necessary. You may be able to find an in-house training scheme with a cinema.

What’s the job?

There are both mechanical and digital projectors and the type used will depend on the age of the cinema. Where mechanical projectors are used, projectionists check film reels, load films onto the projector and check that the images and sound run smoothly. They look after the equipment and they may have to splice lengths of film together if they break. Digital screenings require less physical work but still require good technical ability.

The work of a projectionist is solitary and quiet. Working alone in a projection booth isn’t for everyone but for some, the idea is bliss. Film screenings take place throughout the day and evenings so expect some late work and film classifications mean that you need to be 18 or over.

For the traveller – holiday rep

If you’ve ever been on a package holiday then you will be familiar with being met at the airport, provided with helpful information as you journey to your hotel and you may have attended a meeting where you find out about day trips.

What’s the job?

The job of the holiday rep is to make sure that you know and have what you need to enjoy your holiday. To work as a rep you need to be 18 years old at least. For some roles you need special expertise, for example if you working at a ski resort and for other you need certain qualifications, such as a childcare qualification if the role is as a children’s representative.

The work is seasonal and you will normally work fairly long days, six days a week. You would be expected to be smart, professional, helpful and happy. With a bit of experience, this work can take to destinations all over the world.

A background in sales or customer service would help you land this role and being able to speak other languages with confidence would be an advantage.

For the swimmer – lifeguard

If swimming is your thing, why not use your skills to earn some money and, if you fancy it, combine this with sea, sand and sunshine as a pool or beach lifeguard abroad.

What’s the job?

Lifeguards work at pools and at the beach. They make sure that swimmers behave properly and don’t act dangerously in and around the water (this includes monitoring sea conditions and raising flags if necessary), they rescue people who do end up in danger and they administer first aid when needed.

Obviously you need to be a very good, strong swimmer. You also need to have the right qualification for the job. To work as a pool lifeguard you will need a qualification from the Royal Life Saving Society or from the Swimming Teaching Association. To work as a beach lifeguard you will need to hold either the RLSS National Beach Lifeguard Qualification or the Surf Live Saving GB Beach Lifeguard Award.

You must be 16 or over and you will also need clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service to work with children and vulnerable adults.


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