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Information Technology and Telecoms: careers, jobs and qualifications

Information technology and telecoms (telecommunications) lie at the heart of much of what we do as a society.

Both information technology and telecoms involve a large network of people working in different areas of the industry. Both involve roles in engineering and maintenance, software and development, solutions, networking and systems, marketing and sales and therefore are big industries.

Working in IT

Information technology jobs exist in a huge variety of areas and roles include (but are not limited to):

Applications developers

App developers work across various platforms, such as computers and mobiles to develop applications. They can work freelance, in the private or the public sector.

IT administrators

It administrators work in areas like database administration. Jobs in this area vary according to the level of expertise and responsibility that you have.

Games developers

Games developers might have trained in media or sound rather than straight IT. Again the roles are varied, from programmers to 3D modellers, animators and sound engineers. You can read more about games development roles in our gaming section.

Technical support

Tech support is probably by far the largest information technology job area. Wherever there is IT, there will be a need for support, IT support technicians might work in one company or a retail outlet or they might provide remote technical support for a whole chain. Support technicians generally need to be able to identify and solve both hardware and software faults.

IT security

One of the newest, fastest growing and most important areas of IT work is security and there are now cyber security apprenticeships available that train you to degree level.  There are also degrees in cyber security (ethical hacking or white hat hacking as it is known) available. You can find out about apprenticeships in IT here.

Working in the telecommunications industry

Telecommunications involves communication using technology. It is vital to business and increasing important in allowing us to socialise via technology. This field of work involves radio, telephone and fibre optic technology and wireless broadband. It also covers point to point communication channels as well as broadcast.

There are job roles in manufacturing, engineering, software development and solutions, but also there are plenty of telecoms jobs in the service sector, handling customer service and marketing.

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