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Information Technology Careers Of The Future

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It’s important to think about careers of the future when deciding your career path. Here we take a look at some up-and-coming careers in IT.

Technology never stands still and it is said that we are entering the digital revolution. If a career in IT is something that you are considering, take a look at what kind of roles will be in demand in the near future and why.

Hardware developers

Will always be in demand but in particular it is likely that hardware developers who are skilled in wearable technology will be highly sought after. This is because wearable devices like the Fitbit are expected to become much more commonplace.

Cloud architects

Will be valuable to any business using cloud computing. Cloud computing refers to the process of storing and accessing data and programs over the internet rather than on a computer hard drive or internal server. Companies will look for IT experts who can devise a strategy and support the use of cloud computing.

Information security specialists

Will be a vital part of any business, particularly those using cloud computing. Roles include risk advisers, penetration testers (good hackers), firewall and encryption experts and computer forensics analysts.

Data architects

Design, develop data storage and integration solutions – if you love databases, see patterns and love data then the role of a data architect might be right up your street. Data can include anything from HR records to client or customer information or inventory and you would need to devise access plans and security protocols.

IoT (Internet of Things) architects

Are said to be the next big thing in IT. The IoT refers to an integrated network of devices and objects. An IoT architect might build IoT solutions to solve business problems.

Artificial intelligence

Involves building artificial systems that have intelligent behaviour. Careers in AI might involve machine learning and robotics and you could works in fields as diverse as finance, films and games, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, consumer products, and public services.

We live in a world of technology so it’s not surprising that many of the careers of the future will revolve around information technology. It’s always a good plan to make sure that you understand the labour market and the direction that technological develop is taking if you are considering a future career working in IT.

To find out more about studying for a career in IT you could take a look at degree options on the UCAS website. It’s also worth looking at new apprenticeships in IT.

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