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How To Ace Your Mock Exams

Hopefully you’ve had a great Christmas break and arrived in 2017 ready to rock and roll. It’s that time of year whether you’re doing GCSEs or A-levels your teachers will have you doing mock exams. It’s a source of great worry for many of you so let’s take a look at how to ace your mock exams.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail or at least not do very well. Revising for your mocks is important…for you! Here’s a quick guide to the dos and don’ts of exam revision.


Just sit yourself down and read your text book passively – reading is great generally yes, but as a revision method it doesn’t work


If you are going to use your text book, great but do it actively by selecting chapters or topics and condensing them into notes which you can then use to answer practice questions or create flash cards from.


Highlight your notes or text book – this can end up with either everything highlighted, which is  a waste of ink and time or with only the odd work highlighted, which is unconnected to any wider understanding.


Sit down with a huge pile of work and text books and try to tackle it all at once – you’ll get overwhelmed and probably get nothing done.


Tidy your room before you start and make a timetable that you can stick to – order your revision according to your mock exam timetable.


For each subject make a list of topics that you are weaker on than others and focus on these – you’ll feel good as you tick them off the list.

Below is a selection of revision techniques that you could try – some more creative than others.

how to ace your mock exams

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