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Hospitality and Catering Careers, Jobs and Qualifications

Are you a baker in the making? Do you want to work in a hotel, pub or restaurant? People in the hospitality and catering sector are all around you!

Last time you went to a hotel, pub, café or restaurant, someone had to take your booking, clean, make the bed and change the towels in your room, set your table for dinner, take your order, prepare and cook your food, serve your drinks, prepare your bill and take your money, clear the table and wash up after you…you get the picture! All these jobs are in the hospitality and catering sector and they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the number of roles that exist in the world of hospitality and catering.

But there’s more to a career in this industry than working in hotels and restaurants – think of all the outdoor events and fairs, privately catered parties and balls, weddings and funerals and birthdays and christenings you may have been to, possibly in tourist attractions like castles or country houses… The ever-growing and thriving hospitality and catering industry offers an incredibly diverse range of career opportunities for young people, both behind the scenes and front of house and if you have a desire to travel, getting into this sector is a great way to see the world, working on cruise ships, railways and airlines.

If you’re someone who really enjoys working with, and meeting new people all the time, if you have great customer service skills and the ability to keep a smile on your face, even when things – or guests! – get tough, a career in the hospitality and catering industry is well worth considering. There are lots of ways to start off your career in the hospitality and catering industry – after taking your GCSEs, you can get a job or go to FE college to gain vocational qualifications in subjects like catering and travel and tourism. You could do an apprenticeship or a traineeship or choose to study further by going to university to do a degree in hospitality management, for instance.

Roux with a view

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Hospitality – at your service!

A brief guide for young people considering a career in the vibrant and growing industry of hospitality. By Hazel Murray Gone are the days of stiff, formal service in restaurants. The hospitality industry is jam-packed with colourful individuals who are determined to give their customers an experience worthy of a five-star Expedia review. Top notch service and unbeatable expertise are taking ... Read More »

Goalkeepers and groundskeepers

Facilities management (or FM) is one of the fastest growing professions in the UK but remains under-appreciated by most. We take a look at what’s involved in a Facilities Management career. BY Alex White Football has long been England’s national sport and now we have a national football centre to be proud of – but every good facility has an ... Read More »

Choosing a career in the food and drink manufacturing industry

Help yourself to a tasty slice of life by choosing a career in the food and drink manufacturing industry. It’s so much more than just a sandwich course. BY Tom Beasley Even in tough economic times, the food and drink industry is an expanding workplace. Whilst other jobs have crumbled under financial pressures, it is becoming increasingly varied, offering opportunities ... Read More »

The recipe for success

Fancy yourself as the next Gordon Ramsay or Heston Blumenthal? Read on to find out some useful information that could help you along your way to an enjoyable and prosperous career in the catering and hospitality industry. BY CHRIS BIRD As with many industries, catering and hospitality is highly competitive; gaining the right education and knowing the right people can ... Read More »

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