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Hair-raising poster

A hairdresser in west London found himself under scrutiny by North Korean embassy officials after he displayed a massive poster of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, in the window of his salon.

The poster, with the words ‘BAD HAIR DAY?’ written underneath an image of the North Korean leader,  was devised by the salon owner’s son in a humorous attempt to advertise a 15 per cent discount on men’s haircuts.

The two embassy officials took photographs and made notes and asked the salon owner, Mo Nabbach, to take the poster down but Mr. Nabbach declined and reported the incident to his local police station and the North Koreans took no further action.

The hairdresser’s son, Karim Nabbach designed the poster after reading recent viral reports that male university students in North Korea are now required to have exactly the same haircut as their country’s leader – a story which originated with not-for-profit news agency, Free Radio Asia but has not been officially confirmed.

The bemused hairdresser said that Kim Jon-un’s hairstyle had not been popular with his regular clients and that unless David Beckham chose to have it, he couldn’t see it catching on…

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