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How do I get into leadership and management in social care?

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Leadership and management in social care is a great career to consider. If you don’t know anything about it, here’s an overview of the work you’d be doing.

Leadership and management within the social care sector 

Careers in health and social care can be incredibly rewarding. If you’re thinking about a career in leadership and management but you are also interested in a career that is emotionally rewarding then leadership and management roles within the health and social care sector are worth investigating.

Leadership and management career opportunities

Job opportunities in the social care sector are set to rise, as the life expectancy of the population goes up.

Check out the expected job opportunities and average wages below by entering the search term social care.

There are many, very important job roles within the sector, which involve a team working together to support those who need care. Good, solid leadership and management is key to providing an excellent service to those who need to be cared for.

Qualities needed for a leadership and management role in social care

All leadership and management roles in social care involve a level of responsibility in line with the level of management, whether it’s front-line supervising, operational leadership or strategic planning – all these roles require personal qualities that enable the team to support those they are caring for.

Desirable personal qualities for a leadership and management role in social care include: an ability and commitment to act with integrity, the ability to work with others, listen and communicate effectively; the ability to identify your own emotions and to manage the impact of these on behaviour and to value and respect other people in their diversity.

Apprenticeships in leadership and management in social care

One route into care leadership and management is through the higher apprenticeship programme. This is a Level 5 apprenticeship.  Progression into this apprenticeship is possible from a variety of routes, both academic and vocational and of course, from the advanced level apprenticeship. Click here for details of the Level 5 apprenticeship programme in Care Leadership and Management .

Higher apprenticeships and further qualifications in social care management

On a higher apprenticeship in leadership and management in social care, you could work as an adult’s residential manager, a business development manager in adult social care or perhaps an advanced practitioner. You’ll manage staff or services in both residential and non-residential environments and you’ll be expected to have significant knowledge of the care industry in general, or of a specialist sub-sector within social care. You’ll need to be incredibly professional in your role and will need to be able to maintain confidentiality.

The higher apprenticeship in Care Leadership and Management provides an opportunity to gain combined qualifications such as the higher diploma: Professional Practice in Leading and Managing Care Services, the professional diploma in Care Leadership and Management or the Diploma in Professional Practice in Social Care, each of which have a variety of pathways built in which allow you to specialise for example in dementia care. For more information on careers in social care visit our Health and Social Care web page.

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