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Get A Job In The Future

get a job in the future

Being employable when you finish school, college or university is vital but how do you make sure that you, your child or your students are doing the right stuff to get a job in the future?

Understanding careers isn’t simply about knowing lots of job roles. It’s about understanding what your strengths are at the moment, what skills you need to develop, where and what jobs exist now and will exist in the future.

Demand in employment

It is no secret that the UK has skills shortages in many key areas, such as manufacturing and engineering; but also in things like music where we often have to draw on musicians from abroad to fill gaps. If you understand these gaps and you can study and train in skills that fill these then you improve your chances of employment.

It is also worth considering that many of the jobs of the future do not even exist yet and much of what we will produce probably doesn’t either.  In a recent report, Lord Mandelson pointed out that “two-thirds of what we produce on our steel-industry was not even thought of or invented a decade or more ago”. As technology develops, so do new job roles, for example, in the field of IT careers, there will be demand in the future for experts in integrated networks as the internet of things culture takes hold.

Engineering careers of the future

The field of engineering has been experiencing a skills shortage for a while now and it has to be said that the gap cannot possible be filled by male workers alone. For this and many other good reasons, it is vital that female students understand the value of a career in engineering to them from an early age. We have spoken to several women in their 20s who now find that they really want to work in engineering, but they face retraining and playing catch up with male colleagues both in terms of career progression and earnings. So, what qualifications do you need to become an engineer? And what engineering apprenticeships are there?

Making sure that you are able to get a job and keep it in the future isn’t just about choosing the right career of course. It’s also about making sure that you develop the right employability skills more generally too so that when you go for an interview, you have the skills that employers want.

About Lynette Daly

Lynette is the publishing editor of Moving On magazine. Moving On is devoted to helping young people make good choices for their future – education, qualifications and careers. Moving On really wants to motivate you! Our articles cover a range of topics to inspire and give ideas. Our magazines are delivered free to all schools, colleges and sixth forms in England and is also available online.

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