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Exciting Careers In Construction

careers in construction

Working in the construction industry is not limited to digging holes; take a look at some of the exciting careers in construction associated with new technologies being used in the sector.

Traditional skilled trades in construction

Traditional skilled trades are still a vital part of the construction industry and bricklayers, carpenters, roofers, plumbers and electricians are always needed. New technologies and techniques are set to revolutionise the construction industry however and with these comes the need for the development of new skills.

Here are a few of the new technologies that are expected to play an important part in the construction industry.

Virtual reality use in construction

We normally think of virtual reality technology as something used for gaming but in the construction sector, translating two dimensional technical drawings into a virtual reality experience will allow for the visualisation of structures in a new and totally immersive way. So, if you are studying on a creative IT or media course covering things like 3D modelling, there are more career possibilities than games design.

Possible career – 3D visualizer / developer


3D printing technology in construction

3D printing really is at the cutting edge of development in the construction industry. A digital model of the component needed is created using software such as CAD (computer aided design), this model is read by the computer which then creates and prints the object, normally in a series of layers.

It is hoped that 3D construction printing will help meet new housing demands and increase efficiency. It could also allow for building projects to take place even if weather conditions are bad.

Possible career – robotics engineer


Aerial drones in construction

Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) can be used in the construction sector to capture data for surveys, help with planning, to track progress, produce marketing material and even to guide bulldozers.

The benefit of using an aerial drone in the construction industry is that they are able to access otherwise difficult to reach areas like rooftops.

Possible career – aerial drone pilot


BIM (building information modelling)

Possibly one of the most important developments in the construction industry, BIM technology brings together all information about a structure, whether it is a road, track, bridge or building in one digital representation.

Rather than having lots of different drawings BIM provides one combined view for use. Importantly, as of March 2016, all government construction projects must make use of BIM technology.

Because BIM provides a combined view to be used by many different people involved in all stages of a construction project it requires collaborative work and relies on sharing of information and a coordinated approach.

Possible career – BIM model manager


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