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Delivering the goods


Have you ever thought about getting a job in the trucking, freight transport or couriering industries? Fancy being a crane operator or a fork lift truck driver? Here’s our rundown on the career opportunities in this part of the logistics sector.

By Joseph Powell

Nearly every business worth its salt will need to move stuff around at some point. Whether it’s transporting fragile machinery like computers by van or lorry, moving heavy goods around in a warehouse or on the dock side at a port, using a fork lift truck or a crane or delivering sensitive items such as legal documents by motorbike or bicycle – it all needs shifting, one way or another! So let’s have a closer look at how the world of the trucking, freight and couriering operates.

Responsibility, reliability and honesty are all key attributes for someone considering a career in this busy world of work. Freedom and flexibility within the job can be attractive to some candidates, not to mention the opportunity for overseas travel. No formal qualifications are needed, although some employers will require a full driving licence and the relevant insurance. Training is usually provided on the job but opportunities offered by external organisations (e.g. colleges or local couriering/ trucking businesses) can offer qualifications such as a NVQ/SVQ in delivering goods or a NVQ/SVQ in driving goods vehicles. Employers will require a full, in-depth CRB check and as mentioned before, a clean driving licence and full insurance. Are you tempted yet?

Starting salaries can vary but generally you will be getting around £6.50 an hour. Many companies will offer the added incentive of performance related bonuses too. Once you are qualified and have an ideal number of months experience under your belt, your salary, just like in any other job, is likely to increase.

Thanks to the explosion of online retail and customers shopping from the comfort of their own homes, businesses are always in need of couriers and truck drivers to deliver the goods. They also need people to drive specialised vehicles in their warehouses and storage units.

Construction and engineering companies are always on the lookout for qualified drivers of complicated and technical machinery.

If none of the above is tempting you, the armed forces provide driving and logistical training, along with the promise of a secure and rewarding job at the end.

Could you one day see yourself driving through the hills of southern France, transporting the latest computer game? Or perhaps being a crane driver involved in the construction of a new skyscraper in New York City? What about driving through the beautiful British countryside, carrying highly important legal documents? If you want a secure, bright future, promising pay and a satisfying sense of responsibility from your job, then it’s time you gave some serious thought to embarking on a career in the trucking, freight and couriering industry.

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