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Day In The Life – Event Manager

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When it comes to a day’s work for an event manager, there’s usually no such thing as a ‘typical’ day!

To present that reality-check on a day in the life of an event manager, three event industry experts from Event Academy have offered their insider views…

As an event manager there are opportunities for anything across a day – and a career!

Even if you are a very specific event manager, such as a wedding or conference planner, the routines of planning those events will vary according to the event schedule, the type of company / individuals who have commissioned the event, and even where it is held.

Lorne Armstrong, Director at Event Academy

After all, every event needs a venue and exploring venues, even if you do it every day, can turn out differently each time, as Lorne Armstrong, Director at Event Academy explains:

Visiting that space, filming different elements of it, interviewing the person who’s in charge, finding out about power and lighting …”

Clearly different venues bring variety to the task itself and it’s exploring such varieties that can even lead to career opportunities, such as event management in a specific venue niche, such as museums, galleries and outdoor venues.

Differences – not just across the days!

Justine Kane, course leader at Event Academy

Justine Kane, Course Leader at Event Academy, takes up this theme, pointing out that differences in the daily work of an event manager also arise from the variety of projects event managers could be involved in. She’s clear that anyone new to the profession must be comfortable with this: “No two projects are the same,” she enthuses, “you have to like every day to be different: so events are really like projects – clear start, clear middle, clear end.”


Justine also acknowledges that whilst there will be common tasks which will crop up across those projects, such as risk assessment, marketing and budget management, these are unique to each project and to be successful, management of these multiple tasks, across days and projects, must be efficient and effective:

you need to be that kind of person,” she re-iterates, “that likes the variety.”

Expect the unexpected

Martin Turner, senior lecturer with Event Academy

‘A day in the life of an event manager’ was actually the first lecture given by Martin Turner, Senior Lecturer with Event Academy and he’s adamant that an effective event manager should not only be fully trained, skilled and experienced, but also fully prepared to expect the unexpected – with good grace: “don’t complain” he advises, for instance when a day of planning turns into a day of problem-solving,

Just get on with the job.”

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