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Freaking Out About Money

Dear Annie, I‘m starting university in September and I’m freaking out about money already! It’s doing my head in and adding to the pressure to get good grades. My Dad has given me the ‘we don’t do debt’ talk. I have a monthly allowance from my parents but I’m always skint halfway through the month. How am I going to ... Read More »

My daughter is a fashion model… Part 1

Where do I begin? A mother with a normal family doing normal stuff. Oldest daughter performing well, just approaching GCSEs with plans for A-Levels and then University, a real passion for maths. But then things changed… So began the rollercoaster ride that we as a family have been experiencing this past year. Lois had been shopping in town with her ... Read More »

Uni Accommodation A Flat With Five Strangers

Dear Annie, I have just heard back from my uni accommodation office and they say that I have to share a flat with five strangers! What if there are lads too? What if they are really weird and I hate them on sight? I thought that I could choose to share with two of my school friends who are also ... Read More »

How to manage your money

Budgeting at university: so you can pay your bills, but still have money for fun! Kay Barrett talks about how to manage your money from experience. BY KAY BARRETT Budgeting at university This means being able to live off the money you receive from Student Finance or from any other source of income and it is one of the most ... Read More »

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