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What’s in a Graphic Designers bag?

Graphic Designers bag

We take a look inside the bag of our resident graphic designer, Anthony, to see what his essential tools are for working as a creative pro. 1. AO Ally Capellino Canvas Satchel – I needed a decent satchel that held 15” Macbook Pro and had enough space for my sandwiches, it was reasonably expensive but considering what it holds, well ... Read More »

Compare earnings, working hours and predicted job openings

Use this careerometer tool to compare the average earnings, working hours and predicted job openings. THE LMI for all careerometer allows you to compare one job with another.  For example blow you can see that careers in merchandising and window dressing are set to fall (perhaps because we shop online?)   To compare careers that you are considering,  simply type ... Read More »

University Life Friendships and Frying Pans

A couple of months ago, my mum came home from the supermarket with a mini yellow frying pan. It was a gift for me to take to university, as it’s the perfect size for cooking one egg, one rasher of bacon, and very small pancakes. It was put away in the cupboard, me thinking I wouldn’t need it for ages. ... Read More »

Are Erasers an Instrument of the Devil?

are erasers an instrument of the devil?

It’s OK, you have not suddenly been thrust back to the seventeenth century, surrounded by religious schism, heresy, and witch-burning, but yes, it has been asked – are  erasers an instrument of the Devil? However, you may be surprised to hear that this statement didn’t come from a lunatic ranting in a stationary shop, but from a cognitive scientist and ... Read More »

New Report Calls For Apprenticeship Reform To Tackle Youth Unemployment

A study commissioned by the Local Government Association has said that more needs to be done to address youth unemployment while also saying that the current apprenticeship system is not doing enough to help. The study found that 42% of all apprenticeships went to those aged 25 and over, rather than training unemployed young people. Despite this, the government notes ... Read More »

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