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Twitter accounts students should be following

Here’s a quick guide to which Twitter accounts all students should be following By Emily Frost Friends – this may sound like a really obvious thing to put on the list but there are two reasons for it. Firstly, by following new university friends it is an easy and quick way of communicating with them, especially if they’re not big on ... Read More »

Five things English Literature can do for you – By Melissa Snow

English Literature – that’s just reading big books and analysing them, right? It’s a common stereotype, that  isn’t in any sense correct. There are a million reasons why English Literature is important, to us as individuals and to society. Increased interest in reading You may think reading is boring, but it’s actually very good for your well-being. There are many ... Read More »

Top Five InterRailing Tips from Louis Ashworth

Make sure your European InterRail trip goes smoothly InterRailing around Europe is a fantastic holiday or gap-year activity that draws people from all around the continent into border-hopping adventures. Every journey is unique, but these tips will help make your trip a little easier, so you can focus on the fun stuff! Make a plan. Plans don’t have to be ... Read More »

The battle of the consoles

The Next Generation (Or is it current? Hard to keep up!) is upon us and the console wars have restarted. “Xbox is better because…, PS4 is better because…” Why can’t we all just agree to disagree? It would save so much hassle! Actually, I can’t think of anything that could be saved by not having arguments about console superiority. If ... Read More »

Review of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

Peter Jackson’s last Hobbit film was one of my favourite things to grumble about last year.  I’m a purist when it comes to adaptations of books I loved when I was younger and while bits of it were great fun and it looked beautiful, the pace was slow and the gratuitous additions…well, they bugged me. So I went into the ... Read More »

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