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Careers in wholesale and retail

wholesale and retail

The wholesale and retail sector needs 2 million employees by 2022 and careers in wholesale and retail are not just customer service roles.

Factors like the ageing population, technological developments and changes in the way people like to shop are reshaping the way the wholesale and retail sector operates, which in turn affects the types of jobs and careers on offer within this huge industry.

Is retail just about customer service roles?

There is much more to the retail industry than customer-facing jobs in shops. Technical and managerial occupations behind the scenes are vital to business success in the retail sector and they’re the jobs we’re going to focus on here.

What skills do I need to work in the retail sector?

Much of what happens in the retail sector is data driven, as it is in many other large employment sectors. This means that IT, data management and data analysis skills will be very important. Developing those skills, along with gaining some formal qualifications, will increase your chances of employment

IT careers in wholesale and retail

If you’re studying IT or computing and see your career going in that direction, you might assume that you’ll end up working in industry but you don’t have to limit yourself to jobs in this area alone. IT professionals play a big part in the retail and wholesale industries.

Big data – the importance of analytics in the retail sector

Big data is big business. Being able to analyse web browsing data and social media data is a valuable skill in the retail sector. Data analysis helps to predict trends in the retail industry which helps companies prepare for market demand and get ahead of the game in this competitive sector.

Design and development jobs in retail

Customer shopping habits have changed and people shop online more and more as well as communicating with retailers via websites. This means that if you choose a career in web design or development, either as a freelancer or as an employee, the retail sector has plenty going on in this line of work.

Social media and digital marketing careers

Most businesses, whether they are big or small, make use of social media to promote their brand as well as their products and services. Employees with an understanding of digital marketing and a bit of commercial know-how are in demand and there is plenty of scope for progression in the retail sector if you have the right IT and data analysis skills.

Retail management jobs

Because the retail sector is making use of sophisticated digital tools, managers will need to have a clear understanding of how these technologies work, even if the role does not directly involve using these.  This is because most managerial roles involve analysing data for the purpose of planning and reporting.

The typical retail chain

The wholesale and retail supply chain


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