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Careers In Minerals And Quarrying

careers in minerals and quarrying

Quarrying provides us with what we need to build homes, roads and much more. Discover three careers at the heart of the industry.

careers in minerals and qualrryingThe construction industry relies on the products extracted through quarrying. More than that, we rely on extracted minerals for everything from pencils, toothpaste and make-up to fire detection systems, batteries and pharmaceuticals. Here are three related occupations in minerals and quarrying.

No set entry requirements – Quarry operative

Quarry workers put up timber or metal supports in tunnels, set and detonate explosives to loosen rocks and set up and operate cutting and drilling equipment to extract minerals from the ground. They also operate machinery to wash, crush or separate stone and ores.

Average UK starter salary: £17,000

Progression opportunities include becoming site supervisor, or with training and experience moving into a health and safety role or quality control.

HND, foundation degree or bachelor’s degree – Quarry engineer

Quarry engineers investigate the best way of getting raw materials from the ground (blasting, drilling or excavation) and work in processing plants where raw materials are refined. They survey the geology of sites and build computer models of sites using CAD software.

Average UK starter salary: £23,500

Progression opportunities include related careers in civil, construction or environmental engineering.

HND, foundation degree or bachelor’s degree – Quarry manager

Quarry managers combine their knowledge of extraction and processing with business and project management skills. They monitor all areas of the quarry, provide leadership, work with sales teams, inspect any materials produced and also inspect the site to check that it is operating safely.

Average UK starter salary: £30,000

Progression opportunities include moving into an area operations management role working either in the UK or internationally.



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