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Business Management Careers, Jobs and Qualifications

A business management career would involve all the things required to run a company or enterprise, like planning, organising, target-setting and monitoring.

The good news is that roles in business management are available in a really wide range of sectors and industries both in the UK and abroad so if you fancy working overseas, choosing a career in business management could be a great way to live the dream!

Industries which you could consider entering as a business management graduate or trainee are: construction, retail, hospitality and catering, travel and tourism, logistics, transport and supply chains, banking and financial services, and public services (which includes the NHS), the Civil Service and local government, as well as the armed forces. Graduates interested in the military can apply to join the Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force at officer level – the equivalent of management level in the military world.

Customer-facing industries like retail, retail banking and the hospitality and tourism sector offer the most graduate and trainee business management opportunities.

There are many entry paths to careers in business administration and management, some requiring business studies qualifications, others not. Although most of the aforementioned industries recruit from the postgraduate pool, there is no reason why you couldn’t work your way up to management level without a degree, if you’re determined enough to do so. You could start as a school-leaver with basic qualifications, in the role of a trainee or an apprentice in any of these sectors, then progress up to management level through gaining qualifications and experience by learning on the job, whilst enjoying the benefits of earning a wage at the same time.

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