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*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the authors in their private capacity and do not in any
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Rise of the Machines? Nestle Employ Robot to Sell Coffee Machines in Japan

For years, science fiction writers have foretold a future where robots take over from humans – a dystopian world where humanity is forced to exist in the shadow of the machines they created. While we may be far from that reality, Nestle have made a move to oust mankind (in the shape of George Clooney) in favour of a robot! ... Read More »

Why Parenting is Important to a Good Future

Psychologist Tanya Byron has said that parenting and planning is important when it comes to getting a good education. Speaking at the Girls’ School Association conference in London, Byron spoke of families that adopt a “spreadsheet approach” to raising their children, meaning that their child’s education and career path is mapped out for them. She was critical of parents who ... Read More »

What I would do different if I was starting University this year?

This is a guest post by Phillip Hayes, CEO & Co-Founder of Kloodle, a social network for graduate recruitment, student employability and early stage careers. With competition for graduate jobs higher than ever, it is essential to do things at university to stand out from the crowd. Attending fresher’s fairs with Kloodle this winter got me thinking. If I was ... Read More »

Broken phone screens to become a thing of the past?

While smartphones, such as the iPhone have revolutionised how we access the Internet and communicate there is one niggling problem that remains with them. If you drop them, chances are that beautiful screen will crack, if not shatter completely. Having paid hundreds of pounds for your latest gadget it can be disheartening to watch it tumble, as if in slow ... Read More »

Want a job? Start a blog, learn French, & volunteer

Landing your dream job often means competing against hordes of other candidates, so anything that you can do to stand out from the crowd is certainly worth considering. A new survey conducted by recruitment firm, has asked graduates to list what they felt helped them to land their first job, and while you may not be a graduate yourself, ... Read More »

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