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A Level Results Day 2017

A Level Results Day 2017

A Level results day is this Thursday. Whether you’re excited, terrified or confused we’ve got all the information that you need on what to do, including clearing, adjustment and what to do if it all goes wrong.

A Level Results Day




A Level Results – It’s all gone a bit Pete Tong

If you don’t get the grades that you need for your first or second choice of university, all is not lost! Keep calm, carry on and enter Clearing.

If you haven’t gained a place at your first or insurance choice, you will automatically be put into the clearing system by UCAS. The clearing process is there for if you haven’t achieved the grades you need and if you didn’t apply to university in time. Clearing allows you to search for a place at another university or for a different course.

Clearing – What to do

UCAS Clearing in five steps


Go to the UCAS website:, to register on ‘Track’ and follow the instructions.

Once you have your Clearing number you’ll need to start phoning around universities. Once the ball is rolling the process is quite simple but you should be prepared to be on the phone for quite a while. Some universities will make a verbal offer of a place; others will contact you via email or post, to let you know whether you have a place or not.

Top banana – what to do if your A Level results are better than expected

The Adjustment process is available through UCAS for students who have exceeded the grades needed for their accepted firm, conditional choice. If you’ve done better than expected, you have the opportunity to choose an alternative course at a different university, should one be available.

Adjustment is only available 17th – 31st August 2017 and once your conditional, firm offer has changed to an unconditional firm offer you will have five, 24 hour periods to access the Adjustment process.

Adjustment – What to do

  • Register in Track via UCAS
  • Make sure you have your personal ID ready
  • Unconditional firm offers are safe while you look at adjustment places — you won’t lose your place.

There isn’t a list of available places to go through. You need to check course details and contact the university admissions department to find out more. Remember – you should only accept an offer when you’re absolutely certain – you can only choose ONE! Once you do, the university will add itself to your application and your Track screen will be updated.

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