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Sandwich Courses -Getting Work Experience Through A Degree

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Getting work experience and getting a degree doesn’t have to be an either or choice. There are many degree courses out there that offer a year in industry as part of the degree programme. Choosing a degree course that includes a year in industry (these are often called sandwich courses) will extend the length of time that it takes you ... Read More »

Work Experience – Why It’s So Important For My Future Career Prospects

Work Experience

Daniel Clark, Guest Editor of the April/May issue of Moving On magazine tells us why work experience is so important for him and his future career prospects. My name is Daniel Vito Clark, I am 19 years old and I was born in Brussels, Belgium. My family is centred on living in and being a part of the EU. My ... Read More »

My work experience as a CAD engineer

work experience CAD engineer

Finding the right work experience is one of the best ways to boost your employability skills and to big yourself up on your CV. Saskia Godley told us about her work experience as a CAD engineer at Optilan – a telecoms systems integration company based in the West Midlands. “I thought long and hard about what type of work experience ... Read More »

All under 16s should have work experience say 82% of employers

Compulsory work experience was scrapped back in 2012 and although some young people still benefit from taking part in work experience, many others do not.  82% of over 3,000 employers who were polled by the British Chambers of Commerce have now said that all under 16s should be offered work experience. The benefits of meaningful, high quality work experience are ... Read More »

Work experience for the wealthy?

News came out yesterday that a hospital trust was charging £500 for work experience placements. The opportunities referred to are medical work experience placements, sold to young people as an opportunity to “increase their confidence and self-esteem to make an application to start their career in healthcare” is seen by many as entirely unfair and unsupportive of attempts to increase ... Read More »

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