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Will You Go For A Degree Apprenticeship?

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You want to get on with your career, you want to learn the things that employers want you to know, you want a degree. Does this sound like you? If so, will you go for a degree apprenticeship?

Degree apprenticeships are developed by employers working with universities to develop programmes that teach you what you need to know for the workplace and where appropriate, that you get the professional qualifications necessary as well as academic ones.

Some Degree Apprenticeship Facts From The Realising Opportunities Report

  • There are around 60 universities currently implementing or planning to implement degree apprenticeships by 2017/18.
  • It is expected that there will be 7,600 degree apprentices by 2017/18
  • Universities are interested in working with employers to develop new standards in 43 more industry areas.
  • In October 2016 there were 18 Level 6 and 7degree apprenticeship standards approved and 17 of these will be delivered in 2017/18.

What are the benefits of degree apprenticeships?

They can widen participation

Degree apprenticeships could attract students who wouldn’t otherwise have engaged with university study.

They meet employers’ needs

Because apprenticeships are designed by universities and employers, degree apprenticeships are a way to ensure higher education provision meets employers’ needs.

They provide a new revenue stream for universities

Implementing degree apprenticeships allows universities to access a new income stream.

They tend to be local

Thanks to relationships between institutions and local employers, degree apprenticeships have the potential to promote local growth and development, and increase talent retention.

Better educational partnerships

Many universities are working closely with other training providers supporting the development of new education partnerships.

So, will you go for a degree apprenticeship near you?

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